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XFP Productions Announces Rescheduled Dates and Increased Prizes for X Challenge Season 2

Lagos, Nigeria

6th December, 2023.

XFP Productions, a leading media and entertainment company in Nigeria, today announced that X Challenge Season 2 has been rescheduled from 20-21st November 2023 to June 2-July 7, 2024. The decision to reschedule was made to ensure that the production team has ample time to create an even more spectacular and impactful season of the popular talent show.

In addition to the rescheduled dates, XFP Productions has also announced an increase in the prize money for X Challenge Season 2. The winner will now receive a grand prize of 10 million naira and an all-expense-paid trip to Barbados. The first runner-up will take home 5 million naira, and the second runner-up will receive 3 million naira. All three finalists will also be awarded a five-year talent development deal with XFP Productions.

“We are excited to announce the rescheduling of X Challenge Season 2 and the increase in prize money,” said Anthony Jay Williams, CEO of XFP Productions. “We believe that these changes will give us more time to find and showcase the best talent in Nigeria, and we are confident that the increased prize money will make the competition even more exciting for our participants.”

The rescheduling of X Challenge Season 2 will also provide more time for aspiring contestants to prepare for the competition. The show will continue to showcase the extraordinary talents of individuals with disabilities, providing them with a platform to shine and inspire others.

“We are committed to providing a platform for individuals with disabilities to showcase their talents and break down barriers,” said Elvis Brown, Project Manager. “We believe that X Challenge Season 2 will be an unforgettable season that will make a positive impact on the lives of many.”

X Challenge Season 2 will feature a diverse range of contestants from across Nigeria, each with their own unique talents and stories to share. The show will be judged by a panel of industry experts who will provide constructive feedback and guidance to the contestants.

“We are looking forward to seeing the incredible talent that will be showcased on X Challenge Season 2,” said Elvis Brown. “This show will be a true celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the power of human potential.”
X Challenge Season 2 is open to all aspiring musicians, singers, dancers, and comedians, etc., between the ages of 18 and 35. The competition will be held in Lagos, Nigeria, and will be televised nationwide.

XFP Productions is committed to using its platform to promote social inclusion and empower individuals with disabilities. The company believes that X Challenge Season 2 will be a powerful force for positive change in Nigeria.

About XFP Productions

XFP Productions is a leading entertainment company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company specializes in events management, multimedia content management and promotion, as well as talent grooming and management. XFP Productions is committed to using its platform to empower and inspire people with disabilities.

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