Dear Readers,
Welcome to the special recap edition of our newsletter, dedicated to celebrating the remarkable talents showcased in the X Challenge Talent Hunt, with a special focus on our first-ever winner, Ruth. Throughout the competition, participants with disabilities exhibited extraordinary abilities, highlighting the power and potential within the disability community. Let's dive into the recap and celebrate Ruth's incredible journey!
Meet RUTH ODANOMI, she hails from Delta state. A resilient and accomplished individual who has been living with a disability since birth. Despite facing unique challenges, Ruth has defied societal expectations and thrived in various aspects of her life
Ruth was born visually impaired. Her disability is not a limitation but a tool that empowers her to participate fully in the world around her.
From an early age, Ruth exhibited remarkable determination and resilience. She embraced her disability as a part of her identity and never allowed it to define her abilities. Instead, she focused on her strengths and pursued her passions with unwavering dedication.
Ruth has a vibrant personal life. She enjoys playing the keyboard and singing. Ruth is an avid and had participated in the first season of X Challenge Talent hunt themed Ability in Disability, embodying the spirit of a champion, which she eventually became taking home the winners prize and trophy.