Chinonso V. Vincent

For the past 4 years, Vincent has been working with brands in Nigeria to develop their business case, build their sales and partnership strategies, reach their go-to-market, and achieve their objectives.

He contributed to developing the dedicated business development unit of the Havana Specialist Hospital – a leading private healthcare provider in Nigeria; providing direct oversight to the organization’s sales, retention, digital strategy, and business performance monitoring activities for 2 years. He also consults for a number of start-ups in the same area. He is therefore enthusiastic about driving key business objectives and partnership goals of X Factor Productions.

With a passion to see leadership outcomes improve in Nigeria, and Africa, at large, Vincent loves to participate in social causes addressing issues like deepening democracy, inclusivity for the disabled, education, human capital development, gender equality, and healthcare access.

He holds a BSc. in Biochemistry as well as a professional Diploma in Leadership Development from Covenant University, Nigeria. He’s also certified in Project Management by the Management and Strategy Institute, Pennsylvania, USA.