Theme: Ability in Disability

“Be curious, not judgemental”

It is with this spirit that the X Challenge season two aims to celebrate the extraordinary abilities of persons with disabilities. Breaking barriers and misconceptions, this unique competition seeks to highlight the immense talent and untapped potential within society.

X Factor Productions aims to use the X Challenge to shatter these barriers of stereotypes and usual misconceptions by fostering a culture of inclusivity and celebrating diversity. Through this event, people from all works of life will witness the extraordinary talent of persons with disabilities. The X Challenge Talent Hunt encourages participants to display their talents across a wide range of disciplines, from arts and music. By embracing innovation and creativity, the event provides a glimpse into the remarkable potential of these individuals. It serves as a reminder that diversity fuels innovation and progress, making our society more vibrant.

One of the primary objectives of the X Challenge Talent Hunt is to provide equal opportunities for participants with disabilities. By ensuring accessibility and accommodations throughout the competition, the event becomes a level playing field for all contestants. This commitment to inclusivity highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent, regardless of any disability.

The X Challenge is not just a talent hunt; it is a platform that empowers individuals with disabilities to showcase their skills, passion, and creativity. We seek to recognize all kinds of talents and without restriction to any demographic. This competition provides an opportunity for participants to shine on a global stage.

By setting up this stage, we are also leading a societal awareness to encourage the members of the public, the private sector and the government to create employment awareness and contribute to the welfare of disabled people around them, helping them in every way possible to live up to their full potentials.

“Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals”

– Kallam Anji Reddy

The Last Season

The first season of X Challenge was launched in the Bethesda School for the Blind, Lagos Nigeria. A school for the visually impaired, hailing from different parts of our society. A remarkable hunt that was filled with extraordinary abilities, with emotions on the high. A day filled with ecstasy to always remember.

  • The first prize was ₦250,000
  • The second prize ₦150,000
  • The third prize ₦100,000

With the success of the first season, the X Challenge season 2 is going to be bigger and better.

Like the famous saying “It takes a single step to start a journey”. This journey is going to be one of the biggest platforms in Nigeria. Any disabled person in Nigeria who’s got a unique talent seeking to show it to the world. The talent has to be indeed “unique” enough to be considered a wow factor before it can be worthy of the X Challenge’s stage. Most importantly, we will prioritize performances that promote Nigerian culture.


The X Challenge Season 2 shall accept entry submissions from all states in Nigeria, from the period between the 1st of May and till 31st of May 2024.

Our team of experts shall select the 30 best submissions to perform at the Lagos finals, which begin 2nd of June and shall have a two-day finale, slated for the 6th and 7th of July 2024.

Attendees and viewers shall get to experience a vibrant and exciting show of African rich artistry. Performances will showcase various cultures. Besides the typical singing and dancing that most people are used to, the show shall be particularly keen on showcasing other expert artistry in live stage performances.

We promise to create a memorable experience for the participants and the global audience. We also want it to be the major media talking point.

Participants who make it through the auditions and get a call-up for the Lagos finals shall be given ample time to practice and perfect their craft, with the view to sell themselves to a global audience. In the end, the program shall help participants refine their talents, and become better fit to adapt and succeed on the global stage.

First stage: Entry Submissions

  • There shall be a window for the online submission of applications
  • This window shall stretch for 60 days
  • Following the close of this window, our team of experts shall review all submissions and select the best.

Second stage: Online Interviews

  • The selected participants shall have an online meet-up with our team to discuss the event, where they shall be given guidelines on how to perform. There shall also be assigned instructors to guide each one as much as necessary in preparing for their stage performance and making it their assigned lodges from where they shall be conveyed to the event venue.

Participant profiling shall also occur during this stage.

Last stage

The last stage of the event shall include two stages of performances slated for the 6th and 7th of July 2024

  • On the 6th of July, the selected 10 contestants shall perform for a chance to be selected among 5 finalists. The judges will determine the selections in this stage.

On the 7th of July, the top 5 from this stage will be determined by the judges, but the verdict on which participants get the first, second or third will be determined by voting.