Barthiya becomes the first physically challenged person to be elected leader of a legislature, a key fulcrum of government.

Today, we celebrate a remarkable milestone—a fellow individual living with disabilities has risen to become a political head, a true testament to the power, resilience, and potential that resides within each one of you. This achievement is not just a personal victory; it is a beacon of hope and inspiration for every person facing unique challenges and navigating the path of life with disabilities. Though he was not born with a disability, Barthiya survived a crash earlier in life that left him with one of his arms amputated.

The election, therefore, of Barthiya as Speaker of key strata of government at the sub-national level represents a major milestone for a category of persons demanding inclusion and protection through the promulgation of various instruments of the law to enable them to enjoy full equality under the law.

Hon. Barthiya, a second-term lawmaker elected under the Peoples Democratic Party, takes over as Speaker of the 8th Assembly from Hon. Aminu Iya-Abass following his elevation as Senator representing Adamawa Central Zone in the National Assembly.

Barthiya, who was elected in 2019, emerged as one of the youngest lawmakers ever elected into the state legislature in his late 30s and made his mark through exceptional representation and unmatched constituency project delivery for his Hong Constituency, a feat that was rewarded with a massive margin of wins for the PDP in the 2023 general elections.

This historic moment reminds us that our abilities and contributions know no bounds. It reaffirms that disability does not define us or limit our aspirations. It is a reminder that our voices matter, that our perspectives are valuable, and that our dreams are attainable.